Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A-Team Van

This skirt was a staple when I broke my foot the beginning of this year. It is a comfy sweatsuit material, has a convenient kangaroo pouch, and is an appropriate length for being hunched over on crutches. I haven't worn it since, but seeing it in my closet always made me want to wear it. Today was the day. Being confusingly clingy in a size large, I'm not sure how it is supposed to be worn, but I dressed it up a little with this ruched mock turtleneck. I've been on the hunt, weirdly enough, to increase my turtleneck collection. This blue number is something I've kept in my closet for the sake of its conservativeness, never wearing it. Now that I feel my neck needs a hug, it's been seeing the light of day more and more.
Top- Kohls, Skirt- UO, Thrifted Belt- DKNY, Socks- Calvin Klein, Shoes- GH Bass, Thrifted Broach, Handmade Copper Bracelet- Poland 

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  1. i love it that you said your neck needs a big hug! what a perfect way to put it. and...sweatshirt skirt? yes please! you look adorable!