Thursday, October 27, 2011

I won't be done with you until you're in a grave

     The color palette of this outfit manifested ideas in my head about the Black Dahlia. To go with this theme, in honor of the approaching holiday, I decided to do a dramatic vintage hairstyle and toughen the look up with some boots to keep it edgy and mysterious. Urban legends and Hollywood interpretations are great fuel for Halloween inspiration! To transform this look into a costume, all that I'd need is some vintage pumps for authenticity's sake, my hair down with some big voluminous curls, and a flower behind my ear. Oh, and of course some gory face make up. Buahaha!
Gifted Halter- The Limited, Gifted Top, Thrifted Skirt- The Limited, Boots- Ross,
Gifted Earrings- Hot Topic, Necklace with Thrifted Charm, Gifted Chain Mail Bracelet


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