Friday, September 30, 2011

Lusting After

Here are some trends and items that I have been keeping a lookout for at thrift stores and resalers to score something similar.

Plaid Pants

Maxi Skirts

All Over Lace

And- Docs

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Academic Blackout

School, school, school is no fun. I’m hunkered down trying to finish my thesis this semester, working like crazy, hoping, and praying to get this monster done. I love this nerdy tee from Threadless. It illustrates how I often feel- surrounded by books. I also Love Threadless- a website where you can buy artist designed tees and lots of other cool stuff.

Tee- Threadless, Vest- UO, Skirt- Pac Sun, Thrifted Socks, Shoes- Vans Sophie

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

His and Hers

I wore this skirt to work yesterday, and, as always, it makes me feel ultra femmey. The more billowy the silhouette, the more girlyness I experience. I guess it’s the excess- in fabric, detail, and texture- and utter lack of restraint while remaining modest, that makes me feel comfortable, yet composed.

Thrifted Men’s Oxford, Thrifted Skirt, Thrifted Belt, Shoes- UO, Thrifted Earrings, Necklace- Burlington

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bunny and Bear

I’m not sure what the cultural or mythological origin is for the coupling of Bunny and Bear, but I have been seeing a lot of them lately. Usually I look out for intriguing images of bears as they are an emblem of my fiance’s, and now my, family. Seeing Bear and Bunny together led me to reflect on roles and attributes; see our differences; and acknowledge my individuality. These animal effigies, in fact, are quite fitting. My love will always be bear, and I- cute and cuddly- stand and embody my view of rabbits as fertile symbols, an embodiment that prepares me to embrace blessings as well as responsibilities. Wait, am I in the wrong season? Take cozy into account, and it fits juuust right.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Felled Tree Power Color

“Red stimulates you to react faster and more forcefully.” It was a lazy Sunday of laundry, mending, and ironing. Time went by so fast, now I must regroup  to start the upcoming week. This tree is a perfect metaphor for the way I feel. I stepped outside and found this monsoon wrecked tree. Midst the destruction of nature, or occurrences beyond control, I can take advantage of power drawn from within myself to accomplish daily goals with momentum and confidence. Just as this tree can be repurposed for fuel or to make useful items, pressure can be utilized to drive me through blocks, distraction, and inaction to productivity.

Tank- TJ Maxx, Top- Hurley, Jeans- Level 99, Shoes- Walmart, Thrifted Earrings, Silver Necklace with Thrifted Charm, Silver Cuff- Gifted, Silver Chainmail Bracelet- Gifted

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pirate Pants in the Hot Hot Heat

It was so misey hot today. I got dressed today to go out for Goodwill sale day; I don’t know what made me pull these pants out of the drawer. A super close friend gave them to me and they are very hard to pull into an outfit. That’s why she gave them to me. But I still love them and couldn’t imagine parting with them, though they may draw constant swashbuckling references. I also felt like I was half a bottle of hair spray away from being in an 80s glam rock band. In spite of suffering and sweating through the blistering heat, driving in a car that just ran through all of its freon, I came home with some sweet finds.

Thrifted Tank- Old Navy, Vintage Pants- Gifted, Purse- One Star, Flats- UO, Silver Necklace with Thrifted Charm, Rubber Bracelet- Bayside Show

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Prints

In my browsing today, I came across these stellar prints I would love to add to my collection (if I had the money.)

Imbue, Motorhead

Feeling an affinity for this piece as the daughter of a mechanic.

Kevin Tong, Photographic Memories

I love the vintage camera.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Shades of Monochrome

Shades of which color exactly, I’m not sure. I am biding my time for the mercury to drop, so I can wear more layers. However, it is unsure whether that will ever happen in Arizona. In the meantime, my wardrobe color palate has surely changed to fall tones. I like how the peach blouse brightens this outfit up, keeping it from being overly blah.

Thrifted Wrap Cardigan- Gap, Thrifted Top- Banana Republic, Shorts- Hurley, Thrifted Socks, Thrifted Shoes- Italian Oxfords, Thrifted Vintage Purse, Vintage Earrings, Thrifted Pendant on Ribbon, Amber and Macrame Necklace- Poland, Glass and Bead Bracelet- Mexico, Vintage Gold and Opal Ring, Gold and Topaz Ring- Kohls

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Accessorize Me

My wardrobe focus these days has been accessories. It's been great digging out old pieces I haven't seen in a minute, and even better- mixing and matching them with my outfits.

I saw this to die for ring on my blog prowl. So cute!

I usually don’t go for kitschy pieces injected with humor like this one. But who knows, I’m feeling open to a lot of things right now.

This is closer to my current digs.

Classic, retro, and ladylike is my present inspiration and aspiration. Click on the picture for a DIY link to transform a monochrome crystal broach into a gem toned bauble.

In the Spirit of Accessorizing

Lately I’ve been focusing on beefing up my accessories collection. It all started with an organization overhaul where I used my cork board to display my jewelry for easy matching. Now that everything is accessible (punny right?), I am always on the lookout for new pieces to add and old ones to wear.

Vintage Dress- New York & Co., Thrifted Cardigan- Heritage 1981, Thrifted Socks, Shoes- Vans Sofie, Headband- Claires, Thrifted Vintage Earrings, Gold Necklace- Kohls, Rope Bracelets- Gifted, Vintage Silver Bracelet- Gifted, Vintage Watch- Timex

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Get Low

I watched this movie last night and it left such a great impression, especially given the emerging fall season. This funny, moving, and deeply emotional film is rustic and visually stunning. From Robert Duvall’s hermetic character’s the densely wooded sanctuary to the lush and tidy antique interiors, Get Low’s style is classic and tasteful.

Check out these gorgeous layers of pattern and texture on always brilliant Bill Murray.