Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pirate Pants in the Hot Hot Heat

It was so misey hot today. I got dressed today to go out for Goodwill sale day; I don’t know what made me pull these pants out of the drawer. A super close friend gave them to me and they are very hard to pull into an outfit. That’s why she gave them to me. But I still love them and couldn’t imagine parting with them, though they may draw constant swashbuckling references. I also felt like I was half a bottle of hair spray away from being in an 80s glam rock band. In spite of suffering and sweating through the blistering heat, driving in a car that just ran through all of its freon, I came home with some sweet finds.

Thrifted Tank- Old Navy, Vintage Pants- Gifted, Purse- One Star, Flats- UO, Silver Necklace with Thrifted Charm, Rubber Bracelet- Bayside Show

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