Monday, September 26, 2011

Felled Tree Power Color

“Red stimulates you to react faster and more forcefully.” It was a lazy Sunday of laundry, mending, and ironing. Time went by so fast, now I must regroup  to start the upcoming week. This tree is a perfect metaphor for the way I feel. I stepped outside and found this monsoon wrecked tree. Midst the destruction of nature, or occurrences beyond control, I can take advantage of power drawn from within myself to accomplish daily goals with momentum and confidence. Just as this tree can be repurposed for fuel or to make useful items, pressure can be utilized to drive me through blocks, distraction, and inaction to productivity.

Tank- TJ Maxx, Top- Hurley, Jeans- Level 99, Shoes- Walmart, Thrifted Earrings, Silver Necklace with Thrifted Charm, Silver Cuff- Gifted, Silver Chainmail Bracelet- Gifted

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