Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Finds

This is everything I bought during my thrift shopping date. Not too much, but that's ok- no guilt today! Plus, I am also a little unsure of how my SS12 wardrobe is going to shape up so I wasn't looking for anything specific.I didn't have one of those transcendent trips that yields an incredible gem, but I'm happy with my new stuff. Everything was purchased at the two Salvation Army stores in Erie.
Early 80s Vintage blouse. This is a little different for me but I like the print and the
colors- two things that are sorely lacking from my spring wardrobe. I figure I will
wear it at least a couple times. Well worth the $1.50

This is my favorite!  90s Vintage printed cardigan

Vintage silk Liberty scarf.

Vintage 80s Printed Sweater. I love this- how could you not? And it actually fits
really well.

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