Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm coming clean; please don't let go

       I bought these tights to satisfy my A/W desire for plaid pants. I only paid $3 for them at Marshalls winter clearance and I love them. They are muted enough to wear with a lot of things.

      As for my hunt for the ideal plaid pants, I did find a bootcut pair at Sal Val in a bold Tartan print. They are a size 2 form A&F. I think I paid $7 for them- mostly out of shock that I could fit that size. They sit collecting dust in my craft pile, waiting to be skinnied. By the time I alter them, it will be way out of season, but I'm still excited to wear them.
Hat- Gap, Gifted Earrings, Button down- Marshalls, Thrifted Sweater-
Original Penguin, Swapped Coat, Skirt- PacSun, Tights- Hue, Thrifted Socks,
Thrifted Shoes- Bass