Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby books and stripes

Scarf- Goodwill, AE Tee- Goodwill, Necklace- Burlington, Urban Outfitters Jeans-
Gabriel Brothers, Chinese Laundry Slip ons- Marshalls

 Today was visiting the MIL day. We had a nice dinner with the fam and enjoyed the quality time. We also needed some documents from her to proceed with the wedding plans- guest lists and baptism certificate. We got a pleasant surprise when these came with some bonus extras. I brought home his baby book filled with copious, borderline ocd notes on every aspect of baby care you can imagine. It must have been the nurse in her before she even went to school! I was also humbled by her offer to use her baby book- the one her mother kept and where she kept her daughter's records. I love surprisingly touching days like this.

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