Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eyes can't look at you any other way

     I finally got my first pair of Doc Martens after wanting them for months. I got them second-hand in all their 90s glory at a consignment shop, Name Brand Exchange, which has been stocking them for a while now. I thought I would be waiting until Christmas because they are one of the few things on my list, but when I saw these in my size and thought it over for a couple days, I decided to go for it. I am actually glad to have this dated pair since I saw Journeys started selling them. Plus, the only new pair I want are the wedges. There is a similar lumberjack pair I melted for, but they only come in men's sizes. They make me feel like a straight poser, like I'm one step away from rocking a fake Brit accent, but they are so comfy, half the time I forget. It makes me grateful I didn't get 10+ eyelet boots; my core will never be that hard.
Shirt- Marshalls, Thrifted Coat- Dollhouse, Jeans- Gap,
Boots- Dr. Marten, Hair Bow- H&M

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  1. like I'm one step away from rocking a fake Brit! i never got into these boots, but looking at yours, they are actually super cute!