Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Buggy Parking

      Today, we drove out to New York to visit Tim's mama and stopped at some junk stores on the way for some unsuccessful Christmas shopping. What we did find, at the smelly Union City Sal Val, was shoes! I got a pair of tan leather loafers and some whiskey brogues that are very similar to my Bass oxford pumps. But I couldn't pass on the brogues because they are scary close to the ideal oxfords I had in mind when I first started buying them two years ago because they are open on the top of the foot.
Swapped Blouse and Sweater, Jacket- Kohls, Jeans- UO, Collar Tips- DIY,
Vintage Gifted Purse, Wedges- Kohls


  1. Great outfit, the bag is really cute. Wish I could just drive into new york!

    Rianna xxx

  2. I hate unsucessful shopping trips, but I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for before Christmas arrives!

  3. Very cute outfit. Love your wedges.