Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY: Collar Tips

      This is my first DIY post! The project came about leaving empty handed while looking for triangular pieces in the jewelry section of craft stores all over town. Before I jumped on the internet, I stumbled across this happy accident at my first trip since getting back in town to the thrift store on Peach. Browsing the belts I noticed that certain ones had tips that were very close to what I was looking for, so I picked up a couple that matched.
To start, I removed the tips from the belts by hand (pliers
might be helpful here). On one, I retained a rivet which
provided a stable base to affix the Pinback.

The materials I used to change these belt
tips into collar tips were: a Hot Glue Gun,
3/4" Broach Pinbacks, and Toothpicks

Run a line of Hot Glue inside of the belt tip from rivet point to
rivet point.

Affix the Pinbacks to the Hot Glue by pressing them down with
Toothpicks to secure. Wait for the glue to set.

And... Taa Da!

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