Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fights problems with bigger problems

      Wow! I completely forgot I had this coat packed away. A sweet old woman who lives in my Gramma's neighborhood gave it to me. It belonged to her sister who is a fashionable New Yorker. Having this coat in active rotation in my wardrobe makes me giddy. I think fur is the ultimate in style and function- it is so warm! As you can see, it is getting chilly here.
Swapped Sweater and Vintage Vest, Jeans- Level 99, Gifted Vintage Coat,
Thrifted Socks, Shoes- Michael Kors


  1. love it!

  2. Your shoes are so gorgeous! <3 and I love your jacket! Isn't it funny that we are in opposite seasons!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  3. What a lovely coat! I also adore your shoes. You are so cute. Man, I am so jealous of your snow. It's strangely warm here...

  4. Great photos dear!