Friday, December 2, 2011

Fifty Words for Snow

      I consciously made this outfit transitional from fall to winter. Fall was always so obvious and flattering for me. The colors look great with my complexion and I built my outfits around them and the necessary layers to stay warm as the mercury dropped. Winter outfits, however in my mind, have more blurry boundaries from fall and even spring. Some things I definitely turn to as staples in the snowy season are cozy knits, icy pastels in shades of blue, pink, and green, and the holy trinity of scarf, gloves, and hat.
Thrifted Vintage Fur Stole and Blouse, Vest- Kohls, Swapped Corduroys, Thrifted
Vintage Purse- Liz Claiborne, Gifted Military Issue Belt, Desert Boots-
Steve Madden, Borrowed Hairbow, Handmade Tourist Necklace


  1. I must have your fur stole and top! It's a mix of casual and luxe! love!

  2. That vintage stole is INCREDIBLE!! I have been looking for something similar but have yet to find it. Where did you get it?