Monday, December 26, 2011

Bartles and James didn't need first names

      It's funny how change happens despite things continuing along a normal path of habit and ritual. Although many changes are in process in my life, my daily routine is trenched in determination to complete my thesis as the first step of many toward progress and growth in my life. As obvious as this activity may seem, I can feel my state of mind and ways of thinking adapting to my new environment. In trying not to lose it and continue working on my writing as I've been for months and months, thoughts of the coming new year have sneaked into my consciousness despite my efforts for things to remain on the same trajectory. Needless and simply said, I'm focusing on doing the work it takes to improve and to be a more active producer, rather than a passive observer. 
Thrifted Vintage Dress, Cardi- Pac Sun, Blazer- Kohls, Shoes- Michael Kors

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  1. Awesome layering! I love your hair too!!! That striped blouse is amazing! And your shoes are gorgeous! Love the woven leather! Have a super NYE!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls