Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How could I love you less now that I know you more

Oxford- Goodwill, Sweater- Swapped from sister, Jeans- Urban Outfitters,
Shoes- Last Chance

 I wore this out to see 21 Jump Street. Originally, I wanted to wear this sweater with my purple heart Authentics, but the colors did not go as well as I thought they would. So to solve the shoe crisis, I pulled these brogues out and voila- matching laces and oxford.

21 Jump Street is freeking hysterical, really funny, and not overly gross. It's also an interesting view for the indoctrination of hipster into today's youth. Weirdly, it is pushed in a movie that is so not intended for young viewers, but they will inevitably watch- as they should because it is hilarious. Maybe it's just the filmmakers' way of showing they are in touch with the hip trends of today. Nonetheless, it is an interesting mainstream interpretation of alternative culture.